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Mineral Resources
Smelting Facilities


  • The Smelting Plant, with a distance of less than 90 km with the Four Mines in Hubei Province, mainly produces copper cathodes and sulphuric acid.

  • The smelting process is to mix the copper concentrates (with 20% copper content) with solvent, which will be melted in the Ausmelt furnace, settled and separated in the electric furnace, and turned into matte (with 55% copper content) which will convert to copper cathodes plates after going through converting furnace and refining furnace, and then transform to copper anode after electrowinning.

  • Screening and smelting technology are of leading position in the industry.

  • Ausmelt Furnace, the largest smelting furnace in the world, is in use to increase production with relatively low energy consumption and operating costs, while processing devise copper concentrates with higher flexibility, which is in line with the National Emission Reduction Policies.

  • Imported the most advanced anode slime casting equipment in the world from Finland, and greatly apply Servo Control to ensure a stable production.

  • Electrostatic spraying system is of auto weighing, auto transport and auto mixing technology.

  • Employ Germany KKK fans, the largest single fan in the world with excellent performance.

  • Advanced water recycling system maximizes the utilization of sewage generated by production by 95%, in line with the National Emission Reduction Policies.