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The Company makes relentless efforts to drive innovative, collaborative, green, open and shared development. While vigorously expanding its non-ferrous resources and metallurgical processing operations, it allocates resources from a global perspective and benchmarks the performance of entire staff, the whole operating process and all production factors of its value chain against the market practice, thereby persistently enhance its management and operation standards. Driven by innovation, the Company strives to increase its enterprise value and to realize the mission of becoming “First-class, Internationally recognized” copper producer.

Going forward, we will create greater synergies with Daye Non-Ferrous Metals Group Holdings and capture tremendous opportunities in non-ferrous metals industry. Moreover, we will energetically promote business reform and innovation and reinforce our service quality and operating efficiency. We aim to develop ourselves into an internationally competitive and influential listed company with rich resources, leading technologies, scientific management, high operating efficiency, good operating results, relatively high profitability and strong innovation capability, thereby delivering better returns to shareholders and giving back to the society!